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LoadRunner Complete Course

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UPDATE: The course has been completely updated with the latest Jmeter version 5.0 revised lectures in November.

The need for performance testers is great!!!!

Use Jmeter, the most popular open source performance testing tool, to see how load testing works in real time. The most popular course on udemy, with the most sign-ups and the best reviews. / Support for instructors for life is included.

Course is set up so that the user can start from the beginning even if they don’t know anything about Jmeter or Performance Testing.

On course completion You’ll be an expert at designing Performance Testcases with Jmeter and be able to use it successfully at work or land a high-paying job.

This Course Describes

This Course talks about how Jmeter works.
Jmeter’s UI Parts
Proxy lets you record and play back.
Using Thread Group to put load on test cases
Taking a look at the load with the audience
Listeners and Threadgroups can get more plugins.
The claims in Jmeter
Controllers in Jmeter
Use Controllers wisely when making Jmeter scripts.
Timers usage in Jmete r How important is a constant throughput timer?
Regular expression extraction for responses that change over time
Data driven Testing from a file on the outside
Why correlation is important
Use of Correlation on Dynamic values
Link Parser and Http cookie Manager
Introduction to Beanshell Scripting
Scripting with the Beanshell Language for Jmeter
Putting Selenium Testcases together with Jmeter
What REST API is and how to use it Testing the load on REST APIs
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to design robust performance test cases in the Jmeter tool using all of its features. You’ll also be able to use different load parameters to keep an eye on how well an application works.
Happy Loading

LoadRunner Complete Course

Jmeter lectures of the highest quality, teaching load testing with real-time examples and providing materials and support for queries

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course, you will know how to load Web applications and REST APIs.

SYou’ll have a clear idea of all the features of the Jmeter tool that you can use to write load testcases.hort Description

Will learn how to track how well an application works with the given load.

Will know how to do the basics of Beanshell Scripting for Jmeter

Course content

15 sections • 50 lectures • 8h 19m total length

LoadRunner Introduction

Day 1

Overview of Performance Testing

Overview of LoadRunner

LoadRunner Architecture

LoadRunner Available Versions

Installation of LoadRunner


Day 2

Overview of VUGen

Protocol Understanding

Features Description

Recording Modes

Basic Terminologies

Script Recording

Day 3

Recording Steps

Automatic Correlation Overview

Script Replay

Assignment 1


Day 3

Correlation Overview

Manual Correlation

Why Manual Correlation is preferred?

Correlation Functions


Day 5

Parametrization Overview

Type of Parameters

Replacement and Rollback of actual value

Content Check

Day 6

Response Validation Overview

Text Check

Image Check

Content Check Functions

Transaction Handling

Day 7
Naming of Transactions

Transaction Start and End Understanding

Transaction Pass/Fail logic

Rendezous Point

Rendezous Policy

Runtime Settings

Day 8
Run Logic Tree


Think Time


Speed simulation and Browser Emulation

Proxy settings
Assignment 2

Scenario Preparation

Day 9
Controller Overview

VUGen Script Upload

Manual Scenario

Goal-oriented Scenario
Assignment 3

Test Execution

Day 10
How to run the test in Controller?

Result Collation

Result Downloading
Assignment 4


Day 11
Analysis Tool Overview

Result File Upload

Result Analysis


Day 12
Response Assertion
JSON Assertion
Size Assertion
JSR223 Assertion
Xpath Assertion
Xpath2 Assertion
Compare Assertion
Duration Assertion
HTML Assertion
JSON JME Spath Assertion
MD5Hex Assertion
SMIME Assertion
XML Assertion
XML Schema Assertion
Bean Shell Assertion

Test Execution

Day 13
Understanding of different graphs

Graph Correlation

Graph Overlay

Report Generation
Assignment 5


Day 14
Understanding of different graphs

Graph Correlation

Graph Overlay

Report Generation
Assignment 5

Extra Classes

Day 15
Extra Classes